Our Story

Behind the Scenes

Women Gone Global Partners is the vision of Erica Jean-Baptiste and Valencia McDaniel. The two were brought together through their passion for helping women achieve and be the best they can be. With 20 plus years of construction experience between the two of them, the idea of introducing and providing women the opportunity to break into construction skilled trades careers, led to the creation of Women Gone Global Partners (WGGP).

“We believe with continuing investments into the well-being of women you not only build the women, but you also build her family, which builds her community and creates a win-win.”   -Erica Jean-Baptiste

Through pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training, and job placement opportunities in the skilled trades, we focus on removing the barriers to several career opportunities and retention in the industry. We also focus on total health and financial wellness needed for self-sufficiency and retention while creating a positive socio-economic impact in our communities.

"Having our own business gives us the ability to apply creative solutions to existing and future problems facing disadvantaged women in our communities. Our knowledge and experience in the construction industry allow us to generate opportunities for several viable careers and business opportunities in the industry."  -Valencia McDaniel